COLIN BAER EVENTS started as a full service events company in 2000, with the goal of creating unforgettable moments for our clients and challenged ourselves to think outside the box. Our focus is on architecturally streamlined concepts fused with modern and classic styles. Each completed event project is a blend of eye catching palettes and bold trends.


We find floral and fauna that is brought in from around the world to share an array of choices with our clients. As all events have different needs, it is sometimes not about flowers but about tabletop objects, props, furniture, lighting, draping and staging? Be it an intimate setting for 8 or a gala for 800 we have transformed spaces to always be remembered for years to come.


COLIN BAER FLORAL began when our clients asked if we could create arrangements for their homes or send floral gifts to family, friends and associates. We expanded to include a retail division that uses the best in floral and fauna from around the globe and hand selecting each ensures quality, originality and pride in the esthetic of our work.  We take inspiration from interior design, trending to traditional, as flowers should compliment the space not overtake the space. Arrangements are styled low, lush, clean and sophisticated making it easy for placement on a coffee table, desk, side table or dining table.

Never have trouble deciding where to place our designs.

You’ll never see unsightly stems in a tall vase and our arrangements are never too high or one sided.

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